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Budsey declined comment and Gubow could not be reached. “At this point and time I can’t make any comment,” Budsey said Friday when reached by phone. “They have contacted us.” Through the lawsuit, Transamerica wants a court to order reimbursement of the $696,936 that Budsey allegedly received under false pretenses. The suit also seeks additional monetary damages due to what it called “egregious” conduct by the defendants. The filing comes after Transamerica began investigating Budsey and Gubow in early January 2019, later sending investigators to Aspen where they took photos of him in grocery stores and parking lots, where he appeared to be functioning normally and without any physical restraints. The suit alleged that for seven years, Budsey and Gubow represented to Transamerica representatives that their relationship was strictly caregiver-patient and they were not married; however, the company’s investigation showed “Gubow was never seen providing care of any kind to Budsey on any get more information date of surveillance,” according to allegations in the complaint. Budsey’s policy excluded caretaker work provided by a spouse, the complaint said. “The surveillance confirmed that Budsey did not receive care and he did not need it,” the suit said. “The surveillance also confirmed that Budsey and Gubow are living together as husband and wife. Upon information and belief, this is because they have been married for all or substantially all of the period of Budsey’s claim for benefits.” During a January 2019 assessment, Budsey, now 60, had continued to tell Transamerica officials he needed a wheelchair and walker, as well as a urinal/bedpan. Suspicious about the authenticity of Budsey’s purported situation, Transamerica in early 2019 began looking into his activities, starting with a social media check.

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